About Umrah Package

Umrah is one of the acts that brings great reward for a Muslim. It brings the joy of Allah and we all know that on the day of judgment we would need a happy Allah for us to get into Jannah. There is lot of rewards mentioned of umrah in both the Quran and sunnah. It has been a habit of pious Muslims before us that they used to perform lots of umrahs and hajjs. Umrah is much easier than Hajj to perform. Firstly it’s much shorter than Hajj and secondly umrah can be performed at any time of the year. This means we can go for umrah at any time of the year thus saving us money if we travel during the off peak periods. This way it is also much easier for old people to perform umrah.

Flying for umrah from UK can appear to be be a daunting task but it isn’t. Whether your budget is really tight or you don’t care abt the expenses and just need a comfortable experience we have got you covered. Our experts spend hours and hours every day to find the best packages for umrah available. If our standard packages don’t suit your needs we can make a custom umrah package for you! Just pick up the phone to give us a call at the number to discuss your requirements. Alternatively we can also call you, just let us know using this form.

Since you will be spending money as well as effort in flying from UK to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, we would strongly recommend you go through this umrah guide and basically learn as much as you can before going there so you can inshaAllah make your umrah acceptable to Allah. We also try our best to make trips of our customers their best possible experience so if you have any special requirements and needs we would be glad to help inshaAllah!

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