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5 Star VIP Umrah Package

5 Star VIP Package – 5/10/15/30 Days

Our Deluxe Package for Umrah with hotels facing the Haram – Tailor-made packages also available in addition to standard packages.

4 Star VIP Umrah Package

4 Star Grand Package – 5/10/15/30 Days

The Grand Package for Umrah with hotels less than 10 minutes walks from the Haram. Tailor-made packages also available in addition to standard packages.

Economy Umrah Package

3 Star VIP Package – 5/10/15/30 Days

Our Economy Package for Umrah – We can custom made the package for any number of days you would like to stay for.

Value Umrah packages

Best Value Package – 5/10/15/30 Days

Best value for money package for Umrah. All our packages can be tailored according to your requirements.

Umrah Package

Umrah is know as hajj sagheer (smaller or lesser pilgrimage). This alone should be enough to explain its importance! Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be done anytime during the year. It also doesn’t involve staying in Mina or the ground of Arafah. Umrah is composed of three major arkaans (acts). First one is the tawaaf that means circling the Kaa’ba seven times anti-clockwise. The second one is Saai’. This involves walking and for some part briskly walking between the two hills Safaa’ and Marwaa’. This is in the remembrance of the panicked running that the wife of Ibrahim (as) Haajar did for his son Ismail (as) when they were alone in Makkah more than a thousand years ago. Final part is halq that is the cutting of hair or shaving the head completely. It is recommended to shave the head completely for men but for women, only cutting few hairs Is allowed. Before all these acts though, one must wear Ihram from the point of Meeqat. Please read this if you want the nitty gritty of how it is done step by step.

Umrah is a very pious act and throughout the history, those who were fearful of Allah performed it several times during their lives. Getting an umrah visa is not very difficult either. Please refer to Umrah Visa page for more details.

Travelling for Umrah used to be a difficult thing to do just few decades ago. With the increasing number of airlines and hence the decreasing cost of flying, now it almost within everyone’s reach. Extensive Umrah guides are also available at a cheap cost or even free in most of the languages of the World. Luxurious and comfortable hotels are also available very close to Al-Haraam. In Madinah, some hotels are so close to Masjid e Nabwi that they are just 5 min walking distance from the gates!

If you would like to take this spiritual and life changing journey to the Holy lands, please click any of our affordable and cheap packages for journey of Umrah above or below this text and simply fill in the contact form. We will get back to you straight away. Alternatively you could always call us at. No matter how low or high your budget is, how short or long your stay is, rest assured we have got a package for you inshaAllah!

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